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Sea World - Signature Florida Homes

Come Face to Face with Amazing Creatures.

SeaWorld Orlando takes families below the surface and above their expectations, while immersing guests in the mysteries of the sea from up-close animal experiences and unforgettable performances, to the next generation of thrills. SeaWorld’s all-new Orca whale show, “One Ocean,” connects guests to the sea and Orca whales, with a new level of energy and excitement while it educates and inspires them to make a difference in this world. Whether coming face-to-face with Shamu, feeding a sea lion or riding Manta, a flying roller coaster that seamlessly transitions guests from the awe of encountering rays in underwater flight…into the sensation of actually being one! SeaWorld Orlando helps vacation adventures become lifelong memories.

Sea World has perfected an excellent recipe for adventure – take spectacular entertainment, combine it with animal interactions and thrilling rides to have a “fin-tastic” time! As the world’s premier marine adventure park, SeaWorld Orlando features 200 acres of world-class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters. SeaWorld guests can get splashed by Shamu, dine eye-to-eye with sharks, sleep next to manatees, or be suspended mid-air on a state-of-the-art roller coaster – all in one adventure-packed day.

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